291 Distillery

291 Whiskey Distillery - Colorado Springs

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough

- Mark Twain

291 Whiskey Distillery - Colorado Springs Review
I know what you’re saying. 291 Distillery isn’t a brewery! Settle down buddy. Fridays are special occasions and what better way to celebrate a hard week of tasting beers, than by tasting whiskey? 291 Distillery was opened in September of 2011 by Michael Meyers. “Oh behave!” No, but seriously two different people. Meyers, a famous fashion photographer, moved his family here from New York City after watching the towers fall outside his front door in September 2001.

291 Whiskey Distillery - Colorado SpringsWith a 7,000 square foot building Pete, Zack, and I were caught off guard by the tasting room which was smaller than the self confidence of a high school girl. The small space was the only thing that we could find that was wrong with 291. The bartenders, distillers, and eccentric bar flies were all very pleasant to talk to and genuinely were interested in holding a conversation with you (if that was possible, there was a lot of whiskey).

Pete being the most “seasoned”, oldest, has the most experience tasting and judging different whiskies and bourbons, Zack having to figure out a learning curve that he quickly picked up on, and I, who drinks scotch alone like a crotchety old man have some experience
withIMG_0921[1] whiskey, bourbon, and various other hard liquors. All in all we are as qualified to judge whiskey as
 we are to judge beer, which is not at all. Here are our reviews anyway.

Our Reviews





Taylor (Skeets)

The Fresh



Smells like tequila, not aged

Clean taste, rich white woman drink clear alcohol, very mild when it comes to whiskey

The American


Aged 3 months, uhhhhhhh moving too fast

Classic Whiskey taste, very smooth up front with a slight bite at the end

Colorado Bourbon


Honey undertones, higher proof, meant to be drank straight, like i’m on a horseback about to rob a bank

Sweet after taste very close to honey, cowboys drink Whiskey Zack

White Dog Rye


-aged for 30 seconds, very smooth yet strong, still smells like tequila

Similar to the Fresh, a poser whiskey, this would however taste better than any other clear liquor

Colorado Whiskey


Very smooth, best of the bunch to me, aged 16 month, won whiskey of the world

This is the stuff, one of the best whiskeys I’ve had, very smooth and sweet and beginning and end

The Deck


Alcoholic maple syrup, not a fan of how sugary it is, citrus and cloves, Christmas in a glass

Put this in some hot tea and I will be out like a log, really sweet Liquour with no bitter taste at all, citrus