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Bristol Brewing Co.

Bristol Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy

Bristol Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy Located in the 1916 Ivywild Elementary School, Bristol Brewing Company “took us to school” on what a good beer should taste like. I know, awful pun, I’ll try harder. Originally opened in 1994 by Mike and Amanda Bristol, the pair have exceeded in creating a different yet extremely inviting environment in order to enjoy a beer.
Housed in the old elementary school with many aspects of it still intact gives the sense that the patrons of Bristol are breaking some arbitrary rule set forth by our tyrannical childhood teachers. I could almost feel the crack on my knuckles from Sister Mary Nick’s ruler for misbehaving in fifth grade. Fear not, once you get past the alphabet covered bathroom, creaky wooden floors and Principal’s Office gift shop this place is actually really fun. Being lured in by the beers and staying for the shuffleboard, this is probably our favorite brewery out of all the ones we have visited.
Bristol Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate GuySo, on to the beers. We received our flights and proceeded to kick the small children off of the shuffleboard table. Amidst the trash talking and heated games we were able to make our way through our flights of beer, which we thoroughly enjoyed. From the classics that are sold all over the country like Laughing Lab to some of their new seasonal brews like the RyePA, we were astounded at their diversity and consistency across the board. After finishing up our game of shuffleboard and our flights we soon came to the conclusion that this was the funnest brewery we had visited. The entire building gives off a fun vibe and I can just picture it on a weekend filled with people having blast. (and the occasional Pokemon GO player trying to take my gym) The beers were great and the atmosphere even better.
Bristol Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate GuyWelcome to Bristol Brewery where you can take a walk down memory lane and drink a beer in defiance of all those teachers wouldn’t let you sleep in class.


Our Reviews






Beehive Honey Wheat

Honey, Sweet, and super

Refreshing all over, this is a
perfect wheat beer for a summer day, besides the honey finish which isn’t my

honey sweet bread with a malty
finish. This beer ice cold is summer perfection.

Yellow Kite Summer Pils

Smooth malty taste, with a
slight hoppy aftertaste, like a good bud light

This is interesting, a very
light colored beer, not much smell but boy does it have some flavor, malty
but with a slight bite of hops at the end.

Easy nose, effervescent body
with a crisp dry finish. If you want a miller light but better,

Mass Transit Ale

Sweet bread taste, smooth
malty, slight hop and vanilla taste

Labeled as a mellow beer, this
slightly amber colored beer comes loaded with flavor that I can’t put my
finger on.

 clean mellow beer with not too much spice or
hops. Comfortable drinker.

Red Rocket Pale Ale

Hoppy bitter after taste, but
crisp taste

Sweet mother of libations, this
is easily the best pale ale I’ve ever tasted, hoppy up front without the
bitter finish, malty and balanced after taste

 arid floral nose, hoppy dry body, with a
balanced hoppy finish. A nice crisp pale ale.

Laughing Lab Scottish Ale

Very malty with the slight
taste of scotch, dark brown almost blood red color

Ole faithful, I’ve had this
before and I know it’s good, super malty but not super dark like a porter or

malt, malt, malt. Love this
beer. Has a great drink ability but not too heavy.

Compass IPA

Surprisingly sweet and smooth,
it has a bitter after taste like most IPAs, but it tasted really good

A hoppy but slightly malty
nose, bitter biting finish, not for the faint of heart

slight grapefruit nose, ruby
red sweet grapefruit body and a sweet smooth finish.

American Pale Ale

Hoppy beer it has a slight
bitterness towards the end however

Hops and fruity nose, a very
hoppy taste but an absolutely smooth and balanced finish.

 fruity nose, hoppy body with a balanced
finish. A good hoppy beer if you like that sort of thing.


Hoppy taste throughout, smooth
at the beginning, with a strong bitter taste near the end

Good lord this top 3 is going
to have to change to 6, this is amazing, an IPA but not a tough bite, a
smooth fantastic finish

grapefruit hoppy nose,
grapefruit rind body, clean finish. Great IPA that is not over the top but

Imperial RyePA

Stronger than the normal RyePA, but similar taste. Still surprisingly smooth for a
IPA. pretty impressed by all IPAs

This is phenomenal, same as the
regular more hoppy, it’s like this is the one for IPA drinkers and the other
one for those who aren’t used to it

 slight hop nose, smooth hop body with a
balanced finish. A very drinkable IPA from a guy that doesn’t typically like ipa’s

Top Picks

Laughing Lab


Compass IPA


Laughing Lab

Red Rocket

Laughing Lab


Imperial IPA