January 31, 2019

Colorado Springs Home Prices

Colorado Springs Home PricesHow's The Market?

It's the number one question we get asked as Realtors. Most Realtors will give you an answer like; "It's good, or "It's a buyers market" or "It's a sellers Market" or similar. They are telling you their opinion based on what happened during the last deal (or two) they were involved in. That answer was never good enough for me. I wanted to give my clients hard facts that they could use to make informed decisions. Anyone that really knows anything about "the market" will not give you an answer other than "It depends" unless they already know the specifics of your situation.

My Pet Project

In my life before real estate, I was a software engineer. Since 2002, I have been on a crusade to figure out how to provide insightful information to my clients with regards to Colorado Springs home prices. This section is a culmination of that research. It has been a long road of trying to figure out: What matters, how to collect that information, how to present it in a simple and easy to understand manner, and make it all work (so please excuse me if I'm zealous)! Before you delve into the details, you may want to read my guide on how to interpret the Colorado Springs home price info I am talking about.

I Know The Market

Understanding Colorado Springs Home Prices is one of the most important things a Realtor should master to provide value to their clients. There is not one "Market"; there are literally THOUSANDS of Markets in Colorado Springs alone (2900+ neighborhoods at last count). Of course there are trends, but when you are trying to figure out whether you should buy or sell in your specific situation, you need to understand your "Market".  My goal has been to cull through the noise and provide simple and relevant insights. As a result, that information gives my clients clear insights into their transaction! There is a ton of information on my site but the most significant insights are reserved EXCLUSIVELY for my clients. So if you love numbers as much as I do and can't find what you are looking for on this site; As my client, you will get your fix.

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