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A Brief History Of Pete And Colorado

Colorado in general has been a passion for me ever since my first ski trip here in the early 80’s. I remember crying while driving through the Eisenhower tunnel back towards the airport because I was so sad to leave the mountains.

In the mid 80’s we did a “Griswald style” family vacation where we spent 5 weeks driving from NY to CA and back. Can you imagine? 5 weeks! 5 of us in the family truckster?!? I LITERALLY wore out my “Purple Rain” and “Top Gun” cassette in my Sony Walkman and don’t even get me started about driving through Kansas!

Anyway, my parents thought it would be great to spend time together and see all the spectacular sites that the US had to offer….one of our stops? You guessed it, Colorado Springs! Think about that for a second…New Yorkers planning a trip across the ENTIRE country before the internet and we chose Colorado Springs as one of our stops! I have pictures of me freezing my butt off at the top of Pikes Peak in my shorts and a satin Yankee’s jacket and hiking through the Garden of the Gods.

When my parents told me they were moving here in 1993, I immediately changed my college plans to come here with them and I have never been tempted to leave.

What This Section Is About

Needless to say, I am passionate about this community! There is so much to love and do in Colorado Springs and I spend a ton of time showing people relocating here all the things to be excited about in this community. I wanted to create a dedicated section of my website to talk about the cool things there are to do and see here so you can be excited as well!

Understand that my vision is skewed (as all our visions are): I love to ride my bicycle’s (road and mountain), hike in our awesome parks and open spaces, I enjoy visiting our world class attractions, and oh yea I love beer. There is also a lesser known art/music scene, fabulous restaurants, and great golf courses to visit here as well…and someday I hope to add them to my site. So if you like some of the same things, you will enjoy this section. If you like all the same things, we should probably be friends!


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