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Colorado Springs Real Estate Contract Guide – Final Walkthrough

final walkthroughFinal walkthrough is the buyers opportunity to ensure the home is being delivered in similar condition as when they wrote the contract.  This is the point they also verify that proper repairs have been made and that the inclusions specified in the contract are still present.  If the property is not as it was when the contract was drawn, or the inclusions are not present, or repairs have not been made, the buyer may delay the closing until necessary action is taken.

Timeline – Day Before or Day Of Closing.

Colorado Springs Real Estate Buyer:

  • Schedule your walk through right before closing. This gives the seller maximum time to move out and clean up before you see it. You don’t want to walk through when the place is a disaster. Also, you want to make sure that nothing has happened right before you take possession (like a pipe bursting etc…).
  • Take your paperwork with you. That way, you can verify they made the repairs as promised and left the items listed in the agreement.
  • Everyone has a different expectation of what “clean” is.  Don’t expect the home to be clean to your standards. Some sellers will clean and make it nice, some won’t. Hopefully you will get a nice seller but it’s not something you can hold up closing over.
  • If you are not happy, DON’T CLOSE. Once you close, you lose your power. Just know, you better be REALLY unhappy (like willing to hire a lawyer unhappy). You are technically in breach of contract if you don’t close. So, you better be really sure you want/need to go to battle over the item you are contesting.

Colorado Springs Real Estate Seller:

  • Double check that contract. Don’t take curtains, appliances, etc… by mistake. You will be digging them out of your belongings or providing credit for them to the buyer.
  • Leave receipts on the counter for repairs made. That way at the walkthrough they don’t question what has been done.
  • Hire a maid to do a “one time clean out”. It’s not required but will save your sanity in the insanity of moving and makes for a happy closing when you leave a spotless home.

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