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Fieldhouse Brewing Company

Yes, I am going to rant about the Caramel Macchiato Stout from FieldHouse Brewing Company. Sounding like something a very affluent European man would order after his morning jaunt around his estate, it couldn’t be anything farther from that. It is more reminiscent of a man with a huge beard, who also happens to be giggling while playing with a puppy. I digress though, FieldHouse is located in downtown Colorado Springs, it’s the first microbrewery to do so in over 21 years.

IMG_7179[1]With most of the bartenders sporting brodacious beards and jorts(Link Urban Dictionary), this place was super relaxed. With a massive garage door as the back wall, the atmosphere was like a cafe and auto-garage had a litter of beers. We got the same disillusioned look that we got at Triple S when we asked our bearded bartenders to try every beer they brewed in-house, but they were happy to oblige.

Right outside the open back wall FieldHouse works with local food trucks to provide food, in our case we sampled some golden liquid mac n cheese that would have made Chester Cheetah drool.

Being stuffed to the gills with mac n cheese and more than adequately satisfied with our beers we came to the conclusion that FieldHouse Brewing Company is one of the best places to go grab a beer and some food while you’re downtown.


Our Reviews





Sticky Paws
Honey Wheat

Hints of honey,
Sweet, would enjoy on a hot summer day

of honey with a citrusy taste. Delicious.

nose,  bread body with a slight hop,
dry balanced finish

Fist Pump Milk

Malty taste as
one would expect. smooooooth,

slight coffee nose but not much, a little sweet for
my taste but dam good


nose, bread and slight citrus body, smooth finish with a touch of hop.

Paralysis Pale

Hoppier than a
regular pale ale, but not bad

a pale ale, slight nose of an IPA, very
slight, tastes like the love child of and IPA and pale ale

 citrus slight hoppy nose, balanced bread and
hop body, balanced finish.

Up-A-Creek IPA

Hoppy like many
IPAs, slight citrus taste, bitter at the end

The resident IPA, smells light, tastes
like a single IPA, not bitter, good taste (really like this)
, more bitter at the

nose, hoppy but balanced citrus body, tart finish


Double IPA

Ouch, bitter
throughout, not my style of beer

this is a strong IPA, but dam it's
good, not a huge fan of the bitter after taste which is super strong


balanced nose, very balanced body, with a slight hop finish.


Dode’s Delight

Cinnamon stands
out in the aftertaste, has a bite, but not a bitter bite

spice spice spice, cinnamon and spice
and everything nice, tastes good


clove nose, peppery body, smooth finish.

Nother Amber

Fat Tire?
Smooth, malty, brown, good

light smells, not much, malty amber

 bread nose, balanced body and finish. Its
like fat tire had a micro brew baby.


Sweet tarts and
lemon, like drinking a lemon war head

woah, the urine of sour patch kids, sugar all over and
sour as the tits, not as bad once you get used to it

nose, crab apple body, tart finish.

Macchiato Stout

Ooooohhhhh, I
feel like a 13 year old girl for liking this so much, smooth coffee malty

WOW, Starbucks had sex with alcohol and
gave birth to this sweet nectar of the gods, STARBUCKS FOR ADULTS

coffee ground nose, coffee liquor body, caramel latte finish.

Chicks Dig
Millets IPA

Not overly
powerful. Bitter taste with some orange or lemon taste.

an IPA for the non-IPA drinker, this
beer is wonderfully smooth and flavorful with a slight hint of hops and

 clean bread nose, slight citrus, clean finish.
Almost pale ale.

Top Picks

Macchiato Stout

Nother Amber

Sticky Paws



Chicks Dig

 Carmel Macchiato

Double IPA

Sticky Paws