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Fossil Craft Beer Co.

Fossil Craft Beer Co - Colorado Springs Opened in April of 2013 Fossil Craft Beer Company popped up on our radar almost immediately when searching for credible craft breweries. For the fat kid in all of our tasters we honed in on one phrase in particular that we read.Oreo Stout. Yes, the ladies and gents at Fossil Craft Beer Company make several different styles of hand crafted beer, but the one most sought after is their Oreo Stout. Unfortunately we visited too early in the year in order to enjoy this particular beer, but we were able to down some of their other hand crafted beers which included the following. (beer reviews here) However, you can rest assured that we will not falter until we have tried the Oreo Stout.
Fossil Craft Beer Co - Colorado SpringsAlong with providing a beer containing Oreos, which have been scientifically proven to be more addictive than several drugs, look it up, Huffington Post even made an article about it, Fossil Craft Beer Company also caters to your canine and culinary needs. That might have come out wrong, but Fossil allows your Fido to be able to sit down and enjoy a brew with you while day to day varying food trucks provide you with the whatever food you may desire.

All and all Fossil Craft Beer Company is a great place to grab a beer, talk with friends or your dog, we don’t judge, and enjoy some barbecue all in an inviting atmosphere.


Our Reviews





American Cream Ale

Light creamy
ale, smooth, vanilla?

Creamy tasty light beer

and smooth and creamy, no hop.

Kunda Baltic

Mmmm picture
Stevie Wonder as a beer. Smooth and dark. Malty hint of sweetness, just like

Fantasticly rich flavorful porter, very
very similar to the stout but a little sweeter

coffee and chocolate notes nice malty flavor.

American Blonde Ale

sparkling water. It has alcohol in it. I could see myself drinking this on a
beach somewhere

A very smooth light blonde beer, not
too strong in any one aspect
, similar to a bud light or coors

blonde ale, slightly more flavor than the camarasaraus, for those that want
alcoholic seltzer  water.

Stone Age Milk

More of a malty
and hoppy taste than the porter.

Similar to their Baltic porter, strong and rich in
flavor but not over bearing

Not as sweet
as the porter but the same flavor notes.

American Hoppy Red

Bitterer (that a
word?) than you would imagine. Citrus aftertaste

A very strong hoppy beer, this beer is
actually pretty dark for what tastes like an IPA

A hoppy
floral beer  with a smooth grapefruit

Evolution Gen 5
Amber Ale

Sweet smooth
Amber colored beer. A small kick of hops at the beginning

This amber ale is strong in content but
doesn't reveal it immediately
, tastes similar to any other amber with a kick of more

goodness, smooth and sweet.

Mammoth American

Holy hell. The
IBU is a lie! This by far the hoppiest beer i’ve ever had. Possibly drink
three beers before this to numb the hoppy taste slightly

The king of all IPA's, this IPA is the
strongest I've ever tasted, but it isn't unbearable, it goes down smooth with
all the delicious hoppiness

plug copulated with a grapefruit and made a beer.


Top Picks




Kunda Baltic Porter

Gen 5

Tyrannosaurs Red

Kunda Baltic

Gen 5

Stone Age Stout