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Ghost Town Wild West Museum

ghost town museum - front door - roundhouse - colorado springs

Selected by Mobile Travel Guide and Family Circle Magazine as one of the fifty-five special attractions of America. The Ghost Town Museum in Old Colorado City allows you to explore a town that existed long before smart phones and text messages. From fun games to interesting tidbits of history, the museum has plenty to offer to people of all ages.

We Have Arrived in the Past

ghost town museumFrom the moment you walk in you are immediately overcome with a sense of astonishment and intrigue that can only be related to that of walking into Disney World. The large warehouse room is set up  like an old western street complete with: saloon, kids shooting range, and even a wild west barber shop. Just outside this room is an area where you can pan for gold just like
they did back in the 1800’s. The next room transports you into a historically accurate wild west home that will put your modern day home into a unique perspective. Finally upon exiting
the tour you are shown a brief informative video that explains things such as why these towns came to be called ghost towns and the historical significance of the location of the museum itself.

The Ghost Town Museum was a fun and quaint place to visit. A fantastic adventure for kids and a very interesting and informative experience for adults; The Ghost Town Museum is an intriguing experience for all.