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Gold Camp Brewing Company

Gold Camp Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy

Gold Camp Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate GuyOpened in 2013 by Dave Shaver, Gold Camp Brewery doesn’t conform to the traditional list of beers offered by other breweries. However, Dave and his gang of brewers are serving up some interesting and tasty beers. With an almost coffee shop atmosphere Gold Camp Brewery is defiantly one of the most laid back breweries we have visited.
The brewery itself is plastered with exposed wood (I’m not making a penis reference here). There are Gold Camp Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guysome interesting accent pieces such as a world money collage and a beer bottle wall that help bring together the coffee shop atmosphere. The atmosphere and occasional train passing makes me want to come back on a rainy day with a book or an excellent place to unwind after a day of work and take your time to enjoy a beer.
Speaking of beers, we said these guys and girls are serving up Gold Camp Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guysome interesting ones. Never having tried an english mild Zack and I were both pleasantly surprised by it and the all of the following beers we tasted. With several IPA’s we would recommend Gold Camp Brewery to anyone who enjoys a bitter beer and a quiet place to consume it. Here are the rest of our thoughts on the beers we tried while at Gold Camp.


Our Reviews






Baby Doe’s
Brown Porter

Vanilla and
caramel. Has a strange bitter after taste.

Slight nose of
chocolate with a hint of coffee, tasted stronger than it smelled, good but
probably not my favorite brown. 

Caramel malty
nose, sweet malty body with a balanced

finish with a
slight plastic aftertaste. A good drinking beer.

Helen Hunt
Jackson IPA

thought, oh this is good… holy crap the bitterness hits you about five
seconds after swallowing….(don’t go there)

Citrus nose with
little to no hop smell, delicious initial taste with the same citrus flavor
add a small hint of hops, strong after taste of hops similar to a strong IPA

grapefruit ipa with a slight bitter

finish. Good
drinking IPA that would be good out of a frozen glass on

a hot summer day.

Black Rye IPA

Slight bite at the end. Kinda like christmas. Sweet up front but it eventually ends with
everyone being bitter at each other

Hoppyish? possibly
coriander nose, tastes like licking up the dead needles of a Christmas tree,
it’s not terrible, but definitely not a favorite

Almost a evergreen nose, spicy body
with a

balanced finish.
Didn’t care for the fragrant notes.

Palmer’s English Mild

crisp, with a sweet bread taste to it.

Not much of a
smell, maybe a slight maltiness, very malty almost
bready flavor, probably my favorite so far as none have really impressed me

Mild beer with not
much body and seltzer

finish. Didn’t
really care for this one but wouldn’t throw it out of bed.

Phoenix Phire DIPA

grapefruit taste with a relatively strong bitterness throughout, but not

I think this
singed my facial hair off, think your a strong IPA drinker? This will still kick your ass, but
as an IPA drinker I find it fantastically flavorful, probably a little too
hoppy for my specific taste

Grapefruit nose,
salty malty body with a

balanced bitter
finish. I Want to roll around in this beer.

Chipeta Czech Pils Lager

A hoppy budweiser. Something you could drink at a party all night
and be able to say you’re drinking, but you’re not drunk, but have been
drinking for 6 hours. You get the picture.

Not much on the
nose, not much on the taste either, nothing to this at all

Dirty sock nose,
nice body with a Miller lite

finish. Didn’t
blow my skirt up but if someone bought me one I’d drink


Mt. Elbert

Slightly malty body with a neutral finish. Slightly stronger than the lager.

Not a whole on the
nose for this one either, malty flavor but not much else, again, it’s good, I
can see drinking it if someone gave it to me but it’s not something I’m
excited to order

neutral slight
malty nose, seltzer body and slightly

sweet finish. Ok
but not something I would order.

Bacculum European IPA

grapefruit throughout. I;m
reminded of getting my mouth washed out with soap when I cursed for the first

Smells like a
single hop, a lightly smelling IPA, ehhhhhhhhh,
doesn’t taste like any single hop IPA I’ve tasted, has the bitterness of the
hops without the refreshing flavor… All stick and no carrot

malty nose, soapy
salty body with a bitter finish. No.