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Great Storm Brewery - Colorado Springs

Great Storm Brewery - Colorado SpringsJohnny Rotten, lead singer of the famous punk band, The Sex Pistols, was once quoted saying “ I don’t try to impress anybody but myself.” Isn’t that the whole point of punk rock? Great Storm Brewery has a similar attitude when it comes to brewing. With Great Storm Brewing opening in March of 2012 these guy don’t conform to having the usual list of beers normally offered elsewhere.
Tucked away like several other local breweries Great Storm Brewing stands out from the rest when you first walk in. Looking similar to an angsty teenager’s room the brewery is decorated with chain link fence, tin siding, and traffic signs made into tables. They even had pretzels in paint cans.
Great Storm Brewery - Colorado SpringsWhen it came to tasting the beers this is where we really felt Great Storm Brewing stood out. Like Iggy Pop or Henry Rollins Great Storm is about innovative craft brewing. With that mindset they served some interesting beers.
Great Storm Brewery - Colorado SpringsOverall we really enjoyed Great Storm Brewing’s beers. The one that really stood out was their Seven Wolves IPA whether it was the Nitro of CO2 they were both really tasty.


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Willy Wonky Sour


Holy Cow, super sour, Willy Wonka made a beer to
give to the oompa loompa,
but never told them what a regular beer taste like.

Definitely a sugary sour smell on the
nose, almost like an old sour candy, it’s very very
sour, similar to a ground out warhead mixed with a light beer, it’s not bad,
definitely a sour taste with a strong after tone of that sourness

cider vinegar nose, sugar free sour patch kids body, light citrus finish

Lightning Wit

 I need to be
on a beech. Citrus taste, light beer,

Definitely a hint of lemon on the nose,
strong strong strong
lemon flavor, with a hint of a decent wheat beer underneath


citrus nose, lemonade body, crisp clean finish. really great on the boat beer
but needs to be super ice cold.

Shine On

 Nutty. I’d
order this beer on a regular basis


Very light on the nose, I can’t really
specify anything on the nose, almost a cinnamon undertone, delicious
nonetheless, maybe more so if your a fan of cinnamon


malty nose, nutty full bodied flavor, dry finish

Seven Wolves CO2

 for an IPA it
is surprisingly very smooth.

Doesn’t smell as potent as most IPA’s, tastes
like one though, strong initial flavor with the hoppy finish


hop nose, smooth dry balanced hop body, dry seltzer finish

Seven Wolves
Nitro IPA

surprisingly smooth. I’d recommend getting it in Nitro variety though


Not a fan of the nitro, but this IPA is
smooth and tasty
not a strong
smell, not an overly bitter taste, a strong after of typical IPA


citrus nose, ruby red grapefruit body, slightly bitter finish



Not my favorite drink, tasted like lemonade that has
been left out to long. Not technically a beer either.


Not really a beer, smells of bile and
tastes similar as well, not a fan, makes me want to punch them for serving


sour nose, sour body, slightly sweet dry finish


Rum Raisin Stout

 I am not a
fan of raisins. This tasted too much like raisins for me to truly enjoy it,
but for someone who likes raisins this is your stop


Coffee smells immediately, typical of a
stout, again not a fan of nitro beers but this stout is still delicious, slightly
more refreshing than any other stout I’ve tasted


nose, sweet malty raisin body, sweet malty finish.


Black Bear Zwartbier

 hoppy and
malty reminds me of New Belgium’s 1554.



Fantasticly light smell with a wonderful and beautifuly slight coffee taste, my favorite so far out of
all breweries


chocolate nose, black coffee body,

Top Picks

Black Bear

Seven Wolves

Shine On

1.) Black Bear

2.) Black Bear

3.) Black Bear

Shine On

Seven Wolves

Rum Raisin