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How To Buy A House In Colorado Springs

It Is A Big Deal

How To Buy A House In Colorado SpringsBuying a house is the largest single investment that most Americans will make in their lifetime. A home purchase can set the tone for someone’s entire financial future and is not to be taken lightly.

Even for experienced home owners, Buying a house is not an everyday event. Understanding the process is critical to successfully navigating the process.  This section will help you wrap your head around the actual process of buying a home. 

First you might be asking yourself…Should I buy or maybe I should just rent? Here are some thoughts on that if you are deliberating that choice.

A Smart Choice

Colorado Springs Real Estate has a proven track record as a stable investment through good and bad times. This is due to our job market, great weather, naturally beautiful surroundings, and overall amazing quality of life that results in a desire to live here. If you are interested in specific metrics about the Colorado Springs housing market, please see the “Colorado Springs Home Prices” section of this website.

It’s Getting Harder

Lets face it, we live in a “sue happy” country. Car wreck? Call in the strong arm and get your share! In an effort to protect consumers, regulations are getting tighter and contracts are getting longer making the process to buy a house in Colorado Springs more complicated. The easiest way to protect yourself in this process is to understand what a Realtor is supposed to do for you and hire a Realtor….someone…like me maybe?? 😉

 Get Answers you Want

A Realtor is not just someone that drives you around to show you houses. A Realtors job (if we’re doing it right) is to help you answer all the questions you have through the home buying process, provide you resources to get the job done, and navigate you through the process and keep you out of harms way.

The General Buying Process:

  1. Get Pre Approved
  2. Figure out what you want/need in a home
  3. Priortize Your Wants and Needs
  4. Where to Look for a house on line
  5. Contract Tips Before You Sign
  6. Get through the contract process

If you would rather discuss this process than read about it through these sections, feel free to shoot me a message or give me a call. However, some people think that if they contact someone directly, they will be roped into something against their will. If you prefer to research on your own, feel free! I’ll be here when you are ready. The slides included in this post are from my buyer education program. To see a flow chart of the contract process, see the “contract to closing” section.

Step 1: Getting Pre Approved

Buying A House