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Why Use A Realtor To Buy?

So, you want to buy a home and you are savvy. You have the internet, you found some search sites, and you have a car. So why use a Realtor to buy a home? Purchasing a home is the single largest investment most Americans will make, do you really want to make that decision alone?

Get FREE Advice

Why Use A Realtor To BuyDid you know, the seller pays a buyers Realtor? So you get someone helping you find and buy a house and pay them nothing! OK, admittedly, this isn’t a reason you NEED to use a Realtor, but it’s helpful to know. Want free advice?

Realtors Protect YOU

Did you know? A real estate license is a limited license to practice law?? The standard contract to buy a home is 16 pages before disclosures and closing documents….just to make an offer! When you hire a Realtor you are employing them to fill that 16 page contract on your behalf and then guide you through the contract process. Do you want an agent (or worse yet…a SELLER) that is NOT representing you to fill out that contract for you with the risk of getting sued if you break the contract imporperly?

Realtors Save You TIME

They will take your criteria and help identify homes for you to see. They will set up multiple showings for one outing so instead of having to coordinate with 5 different Realtors to see the homes you like, you can have one person do it all for you. That means you see more homes faster and get consistent advice through the process to help provide clarity in your decision process.

Realtors SAVE You Money

  • Six MillionA (good) Realtor will research the property for the buyer (including recorded data, what the seller paid etc…) to get “a leg up” in negotiations.
  • A (good) Realtor will probe the listing agent to see if they can discover any pertinent information that might increase a buyers leverage in the negotiations.
  • When a buyer interfaces directly with the listing agent or seller they will give away their motivations (and therefore their power to negotiate).
  • A professional Realtor will advise you on any issues with the home that might not make it a good investment.


Realtors Provide You Resources

A (good) Realtor will provide you with resources like inspectors, lenders, structural engineers, and contractors so you can do the proper research on the home. It’s a big investment, you want to be sure you know what you are getting into.

Why Use A Realtor To Buy?

It will save you time, money, and keep you out of legal trouble…all for free. Why wouldn’t you?

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