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Iron Bird Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs

Before we get started I’d like to point out that we have a change of author here, my name is Zack and unlike the other guy, I can smell.

Iron Bird Brewing Co. - Colorado SpringsBack in 2014 a couple of guys from Wisconsin relocated to the Springs with a shared passion for beer. In consumating their bromance they had a lovely baby.. but in this case a brewery. Instead of naming their love child “North West” they chose “IronBird” after a B-17 harkening back to a founders’ Air Force roots. The atmosphere resembles an English hangar with exposed wooden ceiling, 1900’s exposed brickwork, and the giant iron bolts supporting the tables that all make it an unforgettable location to sit and savor their crafty beverages.

Iron Bird Brewing Co. - Colorado SpringsIron Bird brands itself as a one of a kind cask brewery. For those novices among us, which let's be honest it's most of us, cask beers are the same as your normal tap beers except CO2 and Nitrogen are left out and the beer is forced out by gravity alone. This creates a smoother taste and minimizes the carbonation in the beer. (Yes, I did look this up on the internet)

Iron Bird Brewing Co. - Colorado SpringsWelcome to Iron Bird brewing, where bitterness is done best. Now that’s not their real slogan, but it should be. Iron Bird’s IPAs are where we thought they really shined. All three of their IPAs, one being a double with a rating of over 100 IBU, were not overly bitter and extremely easy to drink. This means that even you wimps that say “Ew this hoppy beer is too bitter for my sweet sensitive taste buds” (aka Pete and Taylor) can enjoy this wonderful creation. The other beers that stood out during our tasting were: the cask stout and the cask brown ale (albeit they were served room temperature, which we didn’t care for), and the wit beer.

Overall Iron Bird comes out a little lacking in our preferred varietals, but the atmosphere and the quality of the IPAs and cask beers were enough for us to forgive them for not serving a cold dark beer.


Our Reviews





Deadstick Double

HOPS with a citrus
tart taste to it. 

Remember that concoction that takes
paint off a car door? This was close, but slightly more doable than the
mammoth from fossil butte, leaves a strong after taste of the hops, I'd
recommend this beer only for people who really drink IPAs

citrus grapefruit nose, ruby red grapefruit body, dry finish

Deathbot Wit

Light citrusy
lemon beer. Summer day beer.

Fishing beer.

Very very very weak, this beer is for
pinky out women who still want to say they are drinking beer
, that said, it is
good, just not my cup of tea


nose, lemon sweet bread, balanced citrus finish

American Red

Reddish color
(imagine that) good amount of bitterness and hoppiness, not overpowering,
slightly sweet

Reds still amaze me, slightly darkish
beer but full of flavor
could be
slightly bitter but I can't really tell cause there is so much here


citrus nose, hoppy sweet tart body, balanced bitter finish

Scuba Session

Dry hoppy,
bitter throughout

This is an IPA so its hoppy and bitter,
get over it women, slightly dry
, I like it

nose, dry body, slightly bitter but balanced finish

Black Auger

Coffee taste,
but hoppy for a stout.

Coffee again, starting to notice a
theme here
coffee, I get an iced vanilla latte taste at the end

coffee nose, dry semi sweet chocolate body, dry finish

King Air Vienna

Like budweiser
but good, slightly tangy

Initially on the nose I sense weakness
in this beer, tastes like college..very balanced, doesn't bite at all


bread nose, balanced bread fruit, slightly sweet balanced finish

Equinox Single

Sweet citrus
taste at the beginning ending with a hoppy aftertaste.

Wow.. As an IPA drinker, I can say this
is my favorite, very light on the bitterness but still retaining the flavor
of an IPA

floral nose, sweet balanced hop, balanced bitter finish

Brown on Cask

Warm beer? What?

Nutty sugary
taste. You can actually taste a lot more in warm beers as opposed to cold

Ummmmm served warm... Yeah.. that said,
this beer tastes phenomenal, wish it was cold, would be my favorite.. But it
needs to be cold, not sure why this was served straight off the stove


Molasses nose, nutty body, with a slight tart finish.

Stout on Cask

Apples (like
macintosh not granny smith) and cream. Warm beers are winning. Malty sweet
aftertaste. WARM

Another warm beer, this needs to be
colder, slight coffee but more generic sweet tasting, definitely a different
stout for me
that said,
fucking delicious, again, both beers are in my top 2 if they were served 20
degrees colder


nose, semi sweet coffee ice cream body, smooth coffee finish. 

Top Picks

Brown on Cask

Stout on Cask

Black Auger

1.) Equinox

2.) Black Auger

3.) BarnStormer

DeathBot Wit

King Air

Black Auger