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Phantom Canyon Brewery

Phantom Canyon Brewery - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy

Phantom Canyon Brewery - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy Billiards, beer, and.. women, yeah, that works right? Phantom Canyon Brewpub is massive. With a different floor dedicated to each reason you’re there, whether it’s to: sit, eat, drink beer and talk to your friends about the political events (floor 1), or to drink good beer till your hearts content, and also to demonstrate your masculinity by losing in billiards to two Russian sisters who barely speak English (floor 2). The atmosphere exudes an overall feeling of refinement, whether it’s from the 9 foot pool tables, the quality of the beer, or the gorgeous outdoor patios who knows?
Phantom Canyon Brewery - Colorado Springs Real Estate GuyThe building this brewpub is located in was named after two things, one of which being Cheyenne Mountain and the other being an indian chief whose humble yet slightly creepy visage stands near the front door. An interesting piece of this building’s history is that it is located at Colorado Springs’ very first street corner and is therefore the first downtown restaurant to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Phantom Canyon Brewery - Colorado Springs Real Estate GuyI know what you are thinking, “but all-knowledgeable Zack, what about the beer?” don’t worry friends, here comes fun part. Phantom Canyon had some great renditions of the classics as well as new and interesting things going for them, for instance, we have never tasted an ESB (Extra Special Bitter) before and we have never lost in billiards to two Russian sisters, but let’s be honest, they were probably part of that olympic doping scandal anyway. For me, it was their Boxcar Amber, a light-ish amber beer with a strong influence of a porter. If I shut my eyes, I could swear I was drinking a truly dark beer. The other beer that really stood out for Pete and Taylor was the ESB. Here are the full reviews.


Our Reviews






Dos Lunas Mexican Lager

Coors light on the nose, light and slightly tasteless, better than a coors or bud

Seltzer Water with a hint of lime and hops

 Mexican lager. Light beer done well. Bread and little hop
with a seltzer finish Needs a lime and a shot of tequila

Alpenglow Hefeweizen

Looks like orange juice, super fruity and sweet, would not drink,
moving on

Sweet honey citrus with an odd dark brown color

solid rendition of the milky sweet unfiltered
goodness. A favorite for those that like to pretend to like craft
beer but really just want to suck on an orange.

Box Car Amber

Malty nose, fantastic taste, similar to a porter but lighter, it’s an
amber but tastes dark, amazing, definitely a favorite

Nutty, malty, smooth with a small amount of bitter end

 bread nose, malty body with a slight sweet finish. A
great drinking beer that goes down smooth and finishes clean. Great
execution for those that don’t like hop.

Streamliner IPA

An IPA through and through, hoppy smell and hoppy flavor but very
refreshing, like it

Pretty bitter beer, but you can taste the citrus/ fruit

 fruity nose, solid hop body with a balanced bitter
finish. An IPA with training wheels of you will.

Slow Mo Jimbo

Holy Starbucks, refreshing taste but dam this beer would make a white
girl a little too excited, a little too much coffee for me on the nose, and
it almost tastes watery to me

Coffee, chocolate, malty and smooth. It is slightly watery

 coffee malt nose, light sweet coffee
body with a slight burnt finish. This beer lacks a little body for me.

Succubus Juicy Imperial IPA

Yum, an imperial IPA so yes you ninnies you can taste the hops, but
with the added sort of light fruitiness this IPA is cut but is amazing

“It’s not bitter” you sir are a liar. The 100
ibu is not a lie it’s a warning.

big grapefruit nose, balanced hoppy body
and a smooth finish. At 9% ABV it’s a great beer that will probably
make you take your clothes off if you drink too many.

King Hat Imperial ESB

Strong smell that I can’t quite identify at the moment, woah, never tasted that before, that’s different, but
quite amazing

Syrup, Malty, Caramel all this with a whiskey after taste. Probably
one of my favorite beers I’ve ever tried

 malty nose, chewy honey body with a sweet finish. I want
to bathe in this beer.

Rozay All Day Celestial Lager

Smells kind of like flower pedals to me, not my favorite, has a
strange after taste that reminds me of those little candies your grandma
always had at her house

Lemon lager taste, slight hoppy taste, I’d drink this on a hot summer

lemon zinger nose, slightly sweetened sun tea body
with a lemon finish. Crazy good summer beer that needs a fruit

Chaos The First Tart Pale Ale

Warheads, with a hint of beer mixed in

Holy cow, my cheeks shriveled up when I took the first sip. (Top

 sour but balanced all the way around and
finishes slightly sweet as your tastebuds try to
recover. Not my jam
but I can appreciate the effort.

Summer McLovin
Pale Ale

Very light smell, says this should be bitter but it isn’t, didn’t
really float my boat but I guess if Johnny brought it to the party I’d drink

Slight malty sweet taste up front with a bitter after taste

neutral nose, slightly bitter body with a
balanced finish. A well done rendition of a popular blend.

Top Picks

1.) boxcar

2.) succubus

3.) streamliner

King Hat

Slow Mo Jimbo

Box Car

King Hat

Box Car

Succubus Imperial Juicy