Pikes Peak Regional Building

When looking to buy a property, another great resource regarding Colorado Springs real estate (and surrounding areas in El Paso County) is knowing if improvements made to a home you are looking to buy have been done legally.  Anytime major renovations are done to a home, the proper permits and inspections need to be done by the city to make sure that the renovations conform to “Code” or safe and accepted building standards. 

Common projects that need to have permits pulled to complete include (but are not limited to): Water heater replacement, furnace replacement, air conditioning install, basement finish, additions, new roofs, or decks being added.  The resource that real estate professionals and home inspectors use is Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.  There, you can see the records for a specific home to make sure that permits were pulled for renovations. 

Pikes Peak Regional Building is a great resource not only for permits, you can also see see floorplans that were registered with the department, flood plain maps, and even soils reports.  When dealing with real estate in Colorado Springs, it’s a great resource to have bookmarked!  Questions? Comments?  I’m all ears!

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