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Pioneer Museum

pioneer museum - outsideWith 75,000 visitors annually the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum offers guided tour as well as letting visitors find their own way through the building.

Housed in the historic El Paso County courthouse located in downtown Colorado Springs, the Pioneers Museum displays over 60,000 artifacts pertaining to our citys proud history. The current exhibits included: decorative and fine art pieces, photography of the region, the Waldo Canyon Fire, a replica of a historic home, among others.

The Pioneer Museum’s building is listed in National Registery of Historic Places. The long marbled hallways and antique lighting lend themselves to bring visitors back in time when the area around Pikes Peak was still being settled. Along with the Pioneer Museum the Starsmore Research Center is housed in the the same building. In this center many historically significant documents, including ones about General Palmer, and about Colorado City are kept.

pioneer museum - gun caseThe continuously changing exhibits mean that not only is The Pioneers Museum worth visiting, it is worth revisiting.