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Colorado Springs Home Seller Guide To Realtors

Welcome to the dark side!

Colorado Springs Real Estate Guide: SellersOnce you read the Colorado Springs Home Sellers Guide to Realtors, you will never look at Realtors the same. Realtors are in charge of managing one of the single largest transactions you will participate in throughout your life. It is not a job I take lightly and you should not hire a Realtor without understanding what we are supposed to be good at. You should know what you should be getting so you can get what you pay for!

If you are selling some old tools, you might stick them on Craigslist or take them down to the local pawn shop and just see what you can get for them…if you are selling a Picasso (and not a moron) you are going to a world famous auction house. Well, your home is likely the closest thing to a Picasso you will ever own. So make sure you get professional help selling it and not hire the “pawn shop” of Realtor’s. That does not mean just go to some name brand office and you’ll be safe. I know some incredible Realtor’s that work for no name companies and I know some morons that work for the top companies in town. You have to remember each agent is their own all-encompassing company. So it really comes down to the individual agent you employ.

Your Last Realtor

So maybe you bought your home from a really nice person and you think: “I will just call them up to sell my house…right?” Maybe. Don’t get me wrong, IColorado Springs Home Sellers Guide To Realtors LOVE loyal clients. I have made a career based on clients returning to me and referring family and friends to me. However, a Realtor representing a home for sale needs to have very specific skill sets to ensure they maximize your return on the sale of your home. When it comes down to it; This is business, and you need to make a smart business decision.

Professional Help

SO what is professional help? Most Realtor’s (and people) focus on the obvious part of what a Realtor does…which is marketing. But in order to get your home closed and get you the maximum amount of money for your home a Realtor needs to be good at much more:

  1. Marketing
  2. Statistics
  3. Strategy
  4. Legal Counsel
  5. Project Management

Unfortunately, most Realtors will not embody these skills, those are the ones you need to weed out when making your decision on who is going to represent you.

After you read these sections and understand why all these skills are critical, I will go into how to Interview Your Realtor. Most people don’t think and analyze things as much as I do (just ask my wife) so you will need to listen for cues instead of waiting for overt statements.

Marketing Professional | Statistics | Strategy | Legal Counsel | Project Manager | Interview Process
Colorado Springs Home Sellers Guide To Realtors
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