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Red Leg Brewery

Red Leg Brewery - Colorado Springs

Red Leg Brewery - Colorado SpringsRight off the bat let me clear something up that I know you are wondering about. The term “red leg” comes from way back to the American Civil War. The artillery soldiers wore scarlet stripes down their pants leg to show where their position was on the field of battle, which just so happened to be behind the solid metal cannon that would make any man quiver like a 12-year-old girl on a first date.

Red Leg Brewery - Colorado SpringsThat said, you would be correct in assuming that this brewery is decorated with some military aspects. What you would not expect is the toy soldiers! Hidden throughout the brewery are loads of little green men and their weapons. The basic indoor seating area is rather small comparatively. Although there is a backyard of sorts that allows for large events to take place such as this past weekend where they rolled out multiple new cask ales and even had live music.

Let’s get to the good stuff though, in the area of beers, Red Leg did some interesting things. They had a couple amazingly good dark beers such as the Blue Nose Brown and the Devil Dog Stout which both won separate awards in the World Beer Cup. However, the interesting aspect comes from their Red Cord Saison and their Doolittle IPA. Of these two I would say that the Red Cord takes the cake due to the fact that it retains the fruity taste of your typical saison but it also promotes a strong malty flavoring like an amber unlike anything I’ve tasted before.

Red Leg Brewery - Colorado SpringsWith some delicious classic beers and some extremely surprising crossovers, Red Leg Brewery definitely takes the cake on originality putting this brewery on the list of must-try-breweries in Colorado Springs.

Our Reviews





West Coast IPA

Hoppy taste with
a grapefruit or oranges thrown in there.

slight hoppy nose, less bitter and
strong than the Doolittle but more well balanced I believe. Really like this

nose, bright hoppy body, balanced finish with a touch of grapefruit.

Red Cord Saison

Apples and
berries with a hint of ginger. Kinda like an
alcoholic apple juice with a hoppy taste to it

A saison.. Really?... Yeah a saison. Malty but balanced, this tastes
more like an amber than a saison, never liked saisons but this one is great

 sweetbread nose, fruit juice body with a
touch of ginger spice, malty bread finish


Sgt Pills

Like a budlight, but enjoyable. Slightly, SLIGHTLY hoppier than most light beers

slight hoppy nose, almost a smell of
bud light on steroids. Very malty pale, it's smooth and full though, good for

 light nose, malty body, bread finish. Light
beer but better.


Cutter Wit

citrus body, Wits should be enjoyed outside, around a barbeque, with friends,

almost a cinnamon toast smell, slight
bitter taste
but not huge
on the flavor, too much spice for me



 coriander citrus nose, sweet bread body,
with a bread finish.

Blue Nose Brown

Vanilla, nutty,
smooth. Hops and bit taste, but it's a brown it taste

coffee nose, hints of vanilla, super
good, love this. Not too too overdone on the
flavor, just right. Fav

 caramel, vanilla coffee nose, cafe Ole body,
chocolate ice cream finish.

Howitzer Amber

Reminds me of
sourdough for. Sweet malty body

tweaked style amber, toffee nose in the
middle but with a sweet malty finish


 wet dog nose with toffee and citrus notes ,
slight hop body with a balanced finish

Devil Dog Stout

Chocolate coffee
taste with the aftertaste of black coffe

black coffee nose, less coffee taste
then the brown but it's thicker and smoother


vanilla latte nose, full bodied, malty
sweet perfection body, with a caramel coffee finish.


Doolittle IPA

Hoppy and bitter
throughout, lemons and oranges make an appearance at the end

not a hoppy nose, they advertise it
as a balanced ipa but it's only balanced in the smell, the taste is more like
a normal IPA with its prevalent hops flavor

 fruit with a slight grapefruit nose, hoppy
body, with a balanced finished


Top Picks

Blue Nose Browm



1.) brown brown

2.) stout

3.) amber(tweaked
for more malty)


 blue nose brown


Cord Saison