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Selling A House

Selling A House In Colorado Springs

Woo hoo! You got a new job, there’s a baby on the way, your in-laws are moving in (ok…”boo” on that one). Whatever it is, it’s time to sell your house! Quick! Stick a sign in the yard and lets get that puppy sold…right? Not so fast. THE Sellers Guide To Selling A House In Colorado Springs is your road map to understanding just what it takes to get your home sold fast and for a high dollar amount.

Selling A House In Colorado SpringsIn listing your home for sale (notice I don’t say selling here) you are ATTEMPTING to liquidate your most valuable asset. Did you know: Historically, in Colorado Springs, only about 60% of homes that list for sale actually sell? 60%!! That means for every 10 homes that are listed for sale, 4 don’t sell! If you are in Vegas, that’s pretty good odds, if you’re having surgery, not so much. I’m guessing if you need to sell your house the odds you are comfortable with are more like surgery odds than Vegas odds. So what does it take to make sure “The odds are ever in your favor?” How do you get those odds to 85% or 95%?? That’s what this section is about.

The Selling Process:

  1. Change your mindset
  2. Prepare your home
  3. Time on market
  4. Contract negotiations
  5. Contract to closing

Simple, right? In theory; sure! To get it done quickly, for a high price, with no lawsuits is a different matter. It is important to take a deep breath and understand that while in theory this is a SIMPLE process, this is NOT an EASY process. In fact it is downright stressful and expensive. That doesn’t mean it has to be a bad experience! If you set your expectations correctly you will be prepared to handle the bumps in the road along the way.

Next (and more importantly), you need to understand Realtors are not created equal. In fact you will likely NEVER encounter an industry that has such a wide variation of talent and service. So where should you start?

Read my Inside Guide To Realtors.  Why?

  1. That section calls myself and all my colleagues to the mat to be sure you know what you should be lookingColorado Springs Seller Guide for in your Realtor. Realtors are expensive! You should know what you should be getting so you get what you pay for!
  2. Statistically only 13% of homes sell without a Realtor involved. So odds are, you’ll be using one.
  3. You are probably going to be too lazy to read the entire section on preparing your home and will say: “Forget it, I’ll just hire a Realtor and they will tell me what to do. If you hire a Realtor without knowing what you should be looking for, you’ll be playing “Realtor Roulette” and may sell your house for too little, have the sale take too long, or even worse end up being one of those 40%.

Choose your own adventure!

Inside Guide To Realtors  OR  Change Your Mindset