Seven Falls

Seven Falls - Broadmoor - Colorado Springs

Seven Falls - Broadmoor - Colorado SpringsSeven Falls lands at number 13 of 128 things to do while in Colorado Spring according to TripAdvisor. Located in the South Cheyenne Canyon, the approach to Seven Falls has been called “the Grandest Mile.” This park offers not only spectacular views and scenery, but also provides a restaurant, tram service, zipline, and much more to help you experience the falls.

Seven Falls - Broadmoor - Colorado SpringsOriginally owned by Nathaniel Colby in 1872 consisting of only 160 acres. The park has passed through many hands growing throughout the years. Its current owners, the Hill family, allowed The Broadmoor to reopen the park after the devastating flood in 2013 that left the park with downed trees, washed away trails, and mud everywhere. In August of 2015 the park was finally reopened with the Broadmoor providing a shuttle service up to the park entrance.

Seven Falls - Broadmoor - Colorado SpringsThe amenities, the staff, and overall leisurely atmosphere lends itself to a truly relaxing experience.  Seven Falls is a must see when visiting or relocating to Colorado Springs.