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Storybook Brewing Company

Storybook Brewing - Colorado Springs

Storybook Brewing - Colorado SpringsRanked as the number 1 best brewery in Colorado Springs by Yelp, Storybook Brewery crafts some amazing beers. With their tag line “Well, Here at last, Dear Friends, On the Shores of Great Beer,” they hit the nail on the head. All three of our tasters feel that this brewery lives up to the hype.

Starting off just two years ago when his wife kicked him out of the kitchen, in November 2014 this brewery quickly made its way to the top. With the owner having twenty years of homebrewing experience and what we could only imagine as an elephant sized headache, it surely shines through when you begin to drink their beers.Storybook Brewing - Colorado Springs

When pulling up to the brewery we weren’t sure if we were going to drink a beer or sell our car to become a chopped up horror show. But, none the less we ventured inside of what could only be described as a chop shop posing as a brewery and were immediately surprised. Once we entered Storybook our opinions quickly changed. A wall of amazing smells hits you when you first enter the brewery, or so i'm told. The second striking feature is the outdoor space. In a industrial and warehouse filled area we couldn’t possibly imagine to see such a patio space out back.

Storybook Brewing - Colorado SpringsWith patrons’ dogs walking around looking for the their next belly rub, the overall atmosphere of Storybook was incredible. It was like Little Red Riding Hood decided to open a brewery and soon had The Big Bad Wolf throwing back beers, forgetting why he ever wanted to hurt anyone in the first place.  The staff, customers, and food vendors outside were not only extremely helpful, but also very lively. Shaming one of our tasters into finishing his flight we soon realized we were surrounded by friends rather than just random encounters.  Storybook Brewing - Colorado Springs

We wholeheartedly agree with Yelp. Once we were done tasting their beer selection we couldn’t find a beer that wasn't enjoyable. If you are a beer snob or someone that just appreciates a good pint visit Storybook Brewing.


Our Reviews





Gnomish Beer
Goggles APA

Hoppy and bitter
for a Pale ale, smooth with a citrus aftertaste

An American pale ale with a hint of hoppines, this might be my favorite pale ale ever tasted due to the
addition of hops and flavoring, full bodied as oppose to most pales


 hoppy pale ale. Sweet tart nose, citrus
body, slightly bitter finish.


Little Reds
Rocking Red Ale

Caramel apple
taste with a malty body.

A different breed of red, maltier and almost sweet red, almost has a slight
undertone of something similar to a Porter without the thickness

 Carmel Apple nose, smooth malty body with a
hint of hop, slight dry finish


Java Dragon
Porter CO2

Black coffee
taste, smooth dry and dark

Very strong smell of coffee, the taste
isn't as strong as the smell leads on, fantastic full bodied porter


 pure coffee nose, dry espresso body, with a
burnt caramel finish


Java Dragon
Porter Nitro

Same beer as
above, but even smoother. The flavor of the coffee stands out a lot more

This is the same beer as the co2,
smells like Khalua but tastes smooth with a sweet
finish, slightly less potent and tasteful as the Co2
, this is thicker
than the co2


Kaluah nose, super smooth
vanilla latte body, semi sweet chocolate finish

Pucks Midsummer
Passion Pale Ale

Peaches and
berries. Smooth body. Really fruity light beer

Smells of hops, similar to an IPA but
not as strongly, but doesn't taste like it. It's a super light and easy to go
down beer with loads of flavor


mango passionfruit nose, slightly floral smooth citrus body, clean fruit


Wheat Blackberry

Berries, light,

A very different beer flavor for me,
hints of citrus but goes down thinker in flavor, overall a fantastic brew

 blood orange citrus nose, smooth sweet body,
with a clean lime finish



Hoppy citrus
taste with a bitter body throughout

A strong but extremely smooth IPA, this iPA isn't extremely over the top, it's a weak but smooth
IPA with the hoppy flavor only really hitting you till after


 light and airy citrus nose, sweet and floral
body with weight, slight bitter grapefruit finish

Angel Feather
Brown Ale

Syrup taste with
a slightly salty savory taste near the end

Strong coffee and molasses smells, it
goes down sort of light, with a bubbly after tone with the starting flavor of
a porter


nose, malty caramel body, salted caramel finish with a hint of lemon


Top Picks

Porter Nitro

Porter CO2


1.) Java co2

2.) soco

3.) brown

Java Dragon

Angel Feather

Wheat Blackberry