Gold Camp Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy

Gold Camp Brewing Company

Opened in 2013 by Dave Shaver, Gold Camp Brewery doesn’t conform to the traditional list of beers offered by other breweries. However, Dave and his gang of brewers are serving up some interesting and tasty beers. With an almost coffee shop atmosphere Gold Camp Brewery is defiantly one of the most laid back breweries we Read more about Gold Camp Brewing Company[…]

Phantom Canyon Brewery - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy

Phantom Canyon Brewery

Billiards, beer, and.. women, yeah, that works right? Phantom Canyon Brewpub is massive. With a different floor dedicated to each reason you’re there, whether it’s to: sit, eat, drink beer and talk to your friends about the political events (floor 1), or to drink good beer till your hearts content, and also to demonstrate your Read more about Phantom Canyon Brewery[…]

Trinity Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs

Trinity Brewing Co.

Cheese! They gave us cheese with our flights of beer! Why? Who cares, free food! Anyways, Trinity Brewing was opened by Jason Yester, and has quite a few little quirks about it. The guys and gals at Trinity are not afraid of a little competition. Both winning and placing in numerous beer festivals and overall Read more about Trinity Brewing Co.[…]

Great Storm Brewery - Colorado Springs

Great Storm Brewery

Johnny Rotten, lead singer of the famous punk band, The Sex Pistols, was once quoted saying “ I don’t try to impress anybody but myself.” Isn’t that the whole point of punk rock? Great Storm Brewery has a similar attitude when it comes to brewing. With Great Storm Brewing opening in March of 2012 these Read more about Great Storm Brewery[…]