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Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center

Cherished as a local landmark for many years, this stone building was originally the home of the Starsmore family. It now serves as an introduction to the Cheyenne Canyon Area and all the hikes, rock formations, waterfalls and wildlife that it has to offer. Free to enter, the Nature center provides informative exhibits about the Read more about Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center[…]

Helen Hunt Falls - Colorado Springs

Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt was a writer, an author and a social activist in the late 19th century who was even called “The Greatest Poet in America” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. After she passed away in 1885 her husband buried her in her favorite spot near Cheyenne Creek which is now known today as Helen Hunt Falls. Read more about Helen Hunt Falls[…]

Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods

When approaching the Garden of the Gods one cannot help being struck by the awe inspiring red rock formations. Mostly consisting of Red Lyon Sandstone rock these formations have taken millions of year to be shaped into what we see today. With prehistoric people visiting the formation as early as 1330 BC, this rock formation Read more about Garden of the Gods[…]

Seven Falls - Broadmoor - Colorado Springs

Seven Falls

Seven Falls lands at number 13 of 128 things to do while in Colorado Spring according to TripAdvisor. Located in the South Cheyenne Canyon, the approach to Seven Falls has been called “the Grandest Mile.” This park offers not only spectacular views and scenery, but also provides a restaurant, tram service, zipline, and much more Read more about Seven Falls[…]

Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

Established in August 1979 The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame is the only museum in the world devoted exclusively to the sport of rodeo. The museum exists to educate the public about rodeo, its history, and its impact on Western American culture. In January of 2005 the museum shut down indefinitely due to financial issues, Read more about The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame[…]