Trinity Brewing Co.

Trinity Brewing Co. - Colorado Springs

Cheese! They gave us cheese with our flights of beer! Why? Who cares, free food!

Trinity Brewing Co. - Colorado SpringsAnyways, Trinity Brewing was opened by Jason Yester, and has quite a few little quirks about it. The guys and gals at Trinity are not afraid of a little competition. Both winning and placing in numerous beer festivals and overall categories throughout the globe these people know how to brew some beers. Their most notable badge of honor is a ranking of the 27th best brewpub in the world in 2011 according to

Trinity Brewing Co. - Colorado SpringsEnough of the bragging though, let’s get down to what this brew pub is all about. One of the quirks I was talking about earlier is that the building that houses Trinity is made completely, yes 100%, from recycled materials. These guys even get most of their brewing materials from local farms around Colorado Springs. Yes you hippie, you would like this place if just for these two facts alone. Another plus for these guys is the fact that they offer food. They are actively trying to combat that headache inducing and stomach churching enemy known as a hangover.

Trinity Brewing Co. - Colorado SpringsSo what about the beers? The brews? We enjoyed them. I’m not just saying that out of fear of being shamed by Jason Yester either. Insert Lebron taking his talents to South Beach reference here. The most surprising revelation of the night however, was the Elektrick Cukumbahh Saison. All of the tasters were pleasantly surprised at how Trinity made a tasty beer out of a vegetable that is so uninviting. Also, they were out of their Awaken Chicory Coffee Stout, which we have been told is excellent, but we understand and won’t hold that against them. As for the other beers here are our thoughts.


Our Reviews





One Ear Naked

Citrus taste
with a hoppy aftertaste

Almost citrus nose, taste more like a saison than an iPa


Fresh lemony nose, tart citrus body,
crisp finish. Good fresh summer beer but Didnt
really stand out.


Seven Day Golden

Like drinking
alcoholic lemon juice. Never have been a fan of sour beers though

Woah honey sour, like a warhead with a bad
after taste

Honey nose, sour lemon with honey and a
malty finish bread finish. Really liked this one. Complex flavor that made me
think of Meade.

Saison Man
Saison Provisional

Grapefruit like
taste, light summertime/ BBQ beer with a slight bitter taste at the end

Smells like a saison
and tastes like it too
not overly
bitter or fruity unlike a saison


Fruity floral nose, lemon rind pepper
body, slight bread finish. Good summer drinking beer but didn’t grab me.

Soul Horkey Ale

Smooth malty
taste, nothing exciting about it, reminiscent of a cask beer. Liked it though

Smells and looks like a deep amber, taste watered down


Caramel malt bready nose, medium body,
smooth bread finish. Beer didn’t stand out to me with any unique notes but a
good drinking beer for those that like no hop.



Smooth, citrus
taste, I would say either a very smooth IPA or weak IPA

Been looking forward to this, sweet sweet victory, sort of

Dried grapefruit nose, dry smooth body,
smooth finish. This beer didn’t grab me either way. Was relatively smooth but
hard to quantify.

Slap Yer Mammy Double IPA

Not overly
bitter for a double, even though it does have the bitterness/ hoppiesness of a regular IPA

oooh I’m excited, that’s the money, what
I’ve been waiting for all night, a strong full bodied IPA, not as good as
Iron Bird’s which still rank #1 on my list


Cat litter nose, ruby red grapefruit
rind body, bitter sweet finish.

Sunna Belgian

Variety of
flavors hard to put a finger on one, it’s a light wheat beer, thicker maltier taste than expected

Says it’s a wit but I don’t get that signature
wit taste until afterwards and it’s not a strong one, goes down smooth,
delicious, refreshing, really like this

sweet smooth coriander nose, bread
lager body, pepper bread finish. I liked this beer. Had a nice complex

Elektrick Cukumbahh Saison

Pickles, almost
a salty/ savory taste to it, light and refreshing beer, surprising good,
kudos on using a less than desirable vegi to make a
good beer

Pickles and spice on the nose, again a
slight pickle juicy taste but overall similar to most saisons
with coriander hints, not my fav


Cucumber lavender nose, slight dill
Pickle body, slight sweet crisp finish really surprised me. Tasted like a
salty dill pickle but loved it.

Top Picks

Soul Horkey Ale

Elektrick Cukumbah

Sunna Belgian

1.) Slap Yer

2.) Saison Man

3.) Sunna

Seven Day Golden

Elektrick Cukumbah

Slap Yer Mammy