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Triple S Brewery - Colorado Springs Real Estate Guy20 years as a special forces officer, certified cicerone, and nationally recognized beer taster,Steve Stowell is the owner of SSS Brewery. With six years of brewing experience Steve passes his knowledge onto his “Beeristas” who were extremely helpful when trying to select a style of beer.   Located in downtown Colorado Springs, you wouldn’t know if you were entering a cafe or brewery. With all the photographs for sale, the long halls, and the smell of coffee this felt like a place where you could snuggle up to your favorite pint and really DSC03676[1]enjoy it. Yes a semi-grown man just said to snuggle your beer.    Pete, Zack , and I noticed during our tasting that across the board Triple S’s beersDSC03670[1] were great. After a little confusion about which and how many beers we wanted the beerista soon realized that one we may have a problem, and two “yes, all, we would like to try ALL of your beers.” With the knowledgeable staff and excellent beer selection we recommend you go in, have a pint, and thank Steve for the great beer and his service to our country.


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The Chutes Wheat

Sweet bread with
a hint of lemon, light tasty beer

this is an interesting wheat, it has
lots of flavor to it but unlike most wheats I can’t put my finger on the
flavor here, just tastes full


 light nose, lemony body, smooth sweet

Pipeline Pale Ale

Hoppy, but it
also has a hoppy body

smells like a weak IPA, body is full and
very flavorful similar to an IPA but not over bearing, really really liked this one


nose, hoppy body, dry finish

Buckhorn Amber

A tan beer with
bread taste. Malty taste throughout

Smells like sweet homemade bread, taste is full but
light, almost refreshing, best of both worlds, flavor of a dark with light
taste of wheat or pale

 rye bread malty caramel nose, breast body
with balanced hop, bread finish

Jones Park Porter

Like drinking a
carbonated espresso. It is smooth and malty, but the coffee flavor really
stands out

Smells like someone shoved coffee beans
up my nostrils, your favorite morning coffee mixed with beer, this basically
tastes like a special concoction from Starbucks, this beer..
I can’t move on because it’s so good


 a carboniated
morning cup of black coffee that would really get me through the day.

Cap’n Jacks IPA

Slight citrus
taste with a matly and very hoppy body.

Smells very very
not like an IPA, but the taste is phenomenal, the hoppyness
is there but the bitterness is low


nose, grapefruit rind body, dry finish

Arnoldator Dopplebock

The monk knew
what was up. Bread and slightly salty taste. Sweet aftertaste

Smells light but tastes strong, maybe a
hint of apple juice in there? Little sweet, lotta

box nose, sweet bread body, slightly sweet finish

Bierstadt Best Bitter

Not bitter at
all. Really a malty beer with very little taste of hop

ummmmmm bitter?..
Nah, maybe it’s just my IPA brain kicking in, tastes lighter, smooth but not
a whole lot of flavor

not its
name. Smooth light brown with more malt than hop that goes down easy.

Downtown Baltic Brown

Vanilla, malt,
and molasses all come to mind with I tried this beer

not a strong nose, but what it lacks in
smell it makes up for in godliness, that’s good
, maybe a slight bite to it, but me being
an IPA drinker I love that aspect

– this gets my vote for #2 overall
right behind great storm’s black lager

 sweet bread nose, molasses body, with a semi sweet chocolate finish.

Loyal Porter

If I wasn’t such
a well functioning individual
I would drink this for breakfast instead of coffee. Very very
much a coffee tasting beer

coffee coffee
coffee, this is stronger than their other porter
which was the strongest coffee porter I’ve ever had……. This one doubles
it. I’m drinking liquified beans, but it’s


chewing on coffee grounds as a dip.

Roth IPA

Grapefruit and
bitter. Hoppy aftertaste.

this beer is high in IBU like an IPA,
but it’s smell like it.. Or necessarily taste like
it, or look like it even! this is the perfect cross of a brown and an IPA


balanced IPA with a passionfruit mango nose, sweet grapefruit body, sweet
slightly bitter finish

Top Picks

Loyal Porter

Jone Park Porter

Baltic Brown

Roth IPA

Baltic Brown

Jones Park Porter


Buckhorn Amber

Baltic Brown

Pipeline Pale